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Maintenance and Repairs

As well as installing your machines for you, we can offer full service and repair on site, whether that’s for major or minor issues. We also provide water treatment services and boiler inspections.

What we offer?

Our highly experienced engineers have been trained on nearly all makes of traditional espresso machines, as well as general coffee making equipment. We can also offer boiler inspections that come under Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000.


Normally, we are able to install your new machine within short notice. If you need installation in a hurry, however, please let us know as we are usually able to provide a faster turnaround.

For a successful installation, it is necessary that your water supply and waste outlet point are situated within 1.5 meters of where you intend to install your machine. If you require further information, please contact us – we can provide you with a clear and concise document to explain the logistics of installation.

We can repair your machines on site, or back at our workshop if necessary. Our repair work is very fast, efficient and affordable, although the cost and speed of our repairs will depend on the state of your machine. For on site repairs, our technicians will provide a vast selection of spare parts and components, and will ensure that your machine is fixed quickly, competently and with minimal disruption to your customers.
If it is necessary to complete repairs at our workshop, we can offer a replacement (subject to conditions) for your business while you machine is being serviced by our experienced engineers. This ensures your business can continue running smoothly, even in the event of equipment failure.